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With Dust of Soul

Raise your Heart Vibration
Strengthen your Mental Focus & Motivation
Use Music for Your Personal Empowerment

The music is the language to touch hearts. With its vibrations music opens our hearts and affects us positively and lovingly.

Bring youself to the light as you are betaking yourself onto the journey to your soul at the MUSIC SOULING with Dust of Soul. Dive into yourself and discover the beauty, the prosperity, and the infinity of your soul, your being.

MUSIC SOULING means to enliven with music. The exciting idea is that the vibrations of the music and the voice speak directly to the innermost, most intimate part inside of us, which is often hidden under a layer of dust (therefore the name ‘Dust of Soul’).

This dust we have accumulated in our lives because we were laughed at, for example, in school and so have closed us. Or because we have experienced a relationship with abuse and therefore lost our self-respect. The songs confront these hidden experiences within us and transform that dust in a way that the light can shine through our authentic inner self again.

The songs from Dust of Soul are resonating and deeply moving. They arise from their lives and touch at once universal topics of every human being: From the courage to dream big, to take on the journey to fulfill our own dream, the faith in the good of every person, to the confrontation with doubt, confusion, and clear decisions. The songs cover all facets of the human existence.

Dust of Soul invite you to look at such situations in your life. So the ‘Music Souling’ is a deep interaction between you and your soul.

Personal & unique music experience:
Hear Your Inner Music — Find new insights about yourself

Vocals: Saskia Stäuble DUSTY — Singing Music Life Coach

10+ years of experience
Channeling lyrics & melodies through intuition.

Piano: Michael Odermatt MiKEY — High Vibration Pianist

10+ years of experience
Channeling music & melodies through intuition.

Workshop Duration: 30 minutes
Attendance: 1 Person (1:1 Session)
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